AvGen Imported Brahma Colours

• Gold (Partridge)
• Blue Partridge
• Red Pyle (Splash Partridge)
• Dark (Silver Pencilled)
• Silver Blue (Blue Dark or Blue Silver Pencilled) – N.B. this colour has a red enhancing gene in them, particularly evident in the males, and would be suitable for producing Blue Silver Orange (BSO) colour.

Note: Alternative names for these colours are shown in brackets to assist you with selecting your colour. Some colours are available for purchase now and we have a waiting list for others.

If you are wishing to purchase an imported Brahma to improve another colour variety we can supply single males or females for $570. Additional males are available for $370 when purchasing a trio of Brahma for $1,400. We can offer advice as to which colour imported Brahma would be best to mate to other colours.

Colours available now:  GOLD BRAHMA, DARK BRAHMA

Orders will be supplied on a first-come, first-served basis. Place your order now to secure your order.  We have waiting lists for other breeds that will be available in the future.

About Our Brahma

Our Brahma were sourced from the best UK breeders we could find. The Gold, Blue Partridge and Red Pyle source flock are comprised of the stock donated by Alison Wells and Robert Harrison, top breeders in the UK who have a won several major awards, including Best Gold Brahma at the Federation Show in 2013 with a hen and Champion Brahma at the Federation Show 2015 with a cock.

A well-known and respected UK poultry breeder, Priscilla Middleton also supplied eggs from her Gold Brahma however unfortunately only one chick hatched from her eggs in the UK facility. The majority of the Dark Brahma (over 90%) that form the UK source flocks were supplied by the Dr Steven Wang and Mr Dave Knowles who recently won Best Dark Cock and Best Dark Cockerel at the Federation Show in 2015 as well as Best Dark Brahma male at the National Poultry Show 2015. Steven and Dave also Supplied Silver Blue Brahma of which a small number hatched in the facility. Priscilla Middleton supplied hatching eggs from her Dark Brahma however only two chicks hatched in UK facility.

Whilst we have sourced the best we can, our Brahma are not perfect and they still have a few faults to work on over the coming years. Because some lines were mixed in the UK breeding facility to increase genetic diversity this has also increased the variation we are seeing in colour in the breeding flocks and offspring, and this will require some selection on your behalf to work towards the style of bird you desire. We will do our best to supply you with the best we have available and provide breeding trios that balance each other’s faults.